What People Say

See what our parents and students have to say about our classes.

"Heather, thanks SO MUCH for all you do for the kids! Your attitude is wonderful and contagious in class, and you've brought one of our kids (Noah, started at 3yo) completely out of his shell. Your class was the first activity he really WANTED to participate in. Prior to that he was the "observer", but with YOU, he jumped right in! Now he sings ALL THE TIME on his own, loves and appreciates music, and his speak therapist says he's making leaps and bounds (since starting in music class)... what wonderful news, and you've helped make that happen! As for our younger one (Paige, 18mo) she didn't need the social skills help, as you know, but her ability prior to 18 months to mimic ANY adult sound, and recreate / copy words we say with all of the intonation and inflections, we feel is directly corrolated to, and a function of, your class, your personality, and your specific music program.

We can't say enough, and we recommend you to everyone! Thanks so much for all you do in our community, you are the best!

Aaron D. Murphy

Aaron - Music Together® Dad