Fall Registration is Now Open!

Hello Everybody!

Here's a bit about how registration works, and how it works with multiple kiddos.

  • Your first child in the class registers as "First Child". Pricing reflects both tuition and the family materials for your family.
  • If your second child is over 8 months at the first class, register your child as "Second Registered Sibling". They receive discounted tuition.
  • If you have a second child who is under 8 months attending with a registered sibling they automatically receive free tuition through the website.
  • Third children are always free, so go ahead and register them on the same family order and the website automatically calculates free tuition.
  • *Infant Audit: On ocassion, there may be a spot left in a class for a little one under 8 months who is not attending a sibling of an older registered child. Those spots are open for registration the first week of classes, depending upon availability. If there is a spot left, you are welcome to sign up with your little one under 8 months old and select "Infant Audit". The website will charge only the cost of the family materials ($43) and waive tuition.*

Note: The website will automatically apply a 10% discount for all new Montana families.



Important: Your spot in a class is confirmed once you have completed your registration and paid via PayPal. If you select "Pay Later" at the end of your registration, it only comes to me as a Registration Request, and does not automatically take a seat out of the seat count available online, and your spot in the class is NOT confirmed. You must select "Pay Now" and complete the process of registration online via PayPal in order to immediately confirm your spot in the class. I try very hard to monitor and catch registrations that come through unpaid as a Request and contact you as soon as possible, but please note that the time delay in that happening may cause the spot in class to be taken by another family that registers and pays online.

(PayPal can be set up to be tied to either your checking account or a card of your choice. Please email or call me if you need to make other arrangements to pay.  I will log into the website and manually take a seat out of the available classes. Please note, I have to be home and on my computer to do so, for that reason I am unable to guarantee that I can confirm your spot in class manually before another family may register for it automatically online. Thank you for your understanding!) 

Please don't hesitate to call or email me with any questions that you have, I'm happy to help!



Mixed Ages Class

ALL Music Together® classes are based on an educationally sound multi-age model. We have been all about families making music together for 20 years!

Our research has shown us over and over again that a multi-age class setting is optimal for children developing their basic music competence.

Family classes... always been that way, just one of many things to love about Music Together!

Music Together Preschool

These are classes offered at licensed Music Together Preschools and open to students enrolled at those preschools. All of these programs have demonstrated an incredible dedication to quality early childhood learning and are proud to have obtained a license as a Music Together Preschool. All MT Preschool classes are taught by Heather Scott, Director of Little Woodstock Music Together.

Music Together Generations

In senior residential and day programs across the country, people of all ages come together to sing, dance, shake shakers, and swing scarves during weekly Music Together intergenerational classes. As the children’s music-learning is nurtured, babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and their grownups also foster new and important relationships with "Musical Grandfriends." These unique and powerful classes are also greatly enjoyed by the seniors and staff. Seniors look forward to the children's lively visits, the chance to share memories, and the sheer fun of these playful music-making experiences. The additional cognitive, physical, and emotional benefits for both children and elders make the Generations class a win-win for all participants.

All Spring 2014 Classes are full. If you would like to put your name on the wait list for the current classes offered and.or the list for possible new classes added for spring, please send an email and I will happily add your name to one or both lists!